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11/30/21: The long-awaited sequel to Equin: The Lantern is now available! Equin 2: The Warren Peace follows the exploits of your rabbit warrior on a brand new adventure- An evil wizard has written a 6000 page book and is boring everyone to DEATH. It's up to you to take the thing back to his tower and get rid of it for good!

With a strong focus on easy to use controls, tons of interesting weapons and upgradable gear, and colorful old schooly graphics can you go wrong? No, I don't believe you can. Of special note, there is a free demo available to try on the Steam store page. Though it's not as current as the full game it will for sure give you a good idea on how to play and what to expect.


5.8.20 My new Metroidvania, BONE APPETIT, is out now on Steam!

When the king steals all the food, whatcha' gonna' do? Raise a skeleton slave to steal it back for you, of course!

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