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11.3.17 Equin: The Lantern V1.3 ST is doing pretty well on Steam!! With more recent features like daily specials, shield blocking, and lightning storms players the world over are getting in on the action. If you'd like to see what's it's all about, check out its Steam page here. You can still purchase the game through my itch.io page located here if you don't believe in Steam or something too. 

5.17.16 Just a Cleric's release date is set for May 19th, 2016 @ 12pm PST! As it's a Steam exclusive, you'd better get on over there! The price is going to be $4.99, with a special release week's 20% discount at $3.99. HOW MERE IS THAT? That's like half a small Starbucks coffee! OH SORRY, I mean a "tall" coffee of theirs. Why are they so particular about the names of their damned super-expensive coffee anyway?

Click on the picture of the cleric below to be MAGICALLY WHISKED AWAY!

"Just a Cleric", by David Fillion / DXF Games (c) 2016


 Just a Cleric, "Scholar of the First Wuss"       ;Weebish Mines by DXF Games, 2014


(c) 2016 David Fillion / Del_Duio