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5.17.16 Just a Cleric's release date is set for May 19th, 2016 @ 12pm PST! As it's a Steam exclusive, you'd better get on over there! The price is going to be $4.99, with a special release week's 20% discount at $3.99. HOW MERE IS THAT? That's like half a small Starbucks coffee! OH SORRY, I mean a "tall" coffee of theirs. Why are they so particular about the names of their damned super-expensive coffee anyway?

Click on the picture of the cleric below to be MAGICALLY WHISKED AWAY!

"Just a Cleric", by David Fillion / DXF Games (c) 2016

4.30.16 Just a Cleric has been greenlit and is coming to Steam!! Thank you EVERYBODY who helped vote it in. I'm glad the flyers and music videos, demo and endless e-mails worked! Also a big thanks to WeiseGamer for his awesome review of the game (shown below). This is so awesome, haha. There's still a lot on this end of things to take care of but rest assured that I'm trying hard every day and will bring you a hell of a good game as soon as I can there! Well, enough playing around writing this, I have work to do!

2.27.16 Just a Cleric is up on Steam Greenlight and needs your help! If it looks like something you'd like to see up on the service, please vote for it today! Also to help you decide if you think it's worth it or not, why not check out this free 5 mission demo while you're at it? It's a bit on the easy side, but unlike Hasslevania this time most of the hard stuff's not thrown at you right away.


2.14.16 JUST A CLERIC IS FINALLY DONE. It's an action RPG starring a wussy cleric (you, the player) who's out on a vengeance trail he never wanted. Can you be more than the sum of your CHURCHLY TRAINING and opt for battleaxes or trickery, or will you embrace what your stereotype says you are. Can you defeat the hoardes of evil that will no doubt crush you dead?? Featuring a soundtrack by The Booger Myers Band and some nifty pixel art, it's sure to win over most anybody who likes this kinda' stuff. 



                                                     ; Weebish Mines by DXF Games, 2014


(c) 2016 David Fillion / Del_Duio