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8.16.14 EQUIN: THE LANTERN has a brand-new update! Hooray! This new version v1.2CT is more balanced and a lot more challenging, with plenty of new weapons and items to keep you busy. Look for new class skills, improved magical effect durations, better starting gifts, new graphical changes, some more maps, a new Arena of Death floor event, a secret quest floor from Xtoli heroes past, and hell even a brand-new intro scene. Best of all, unlike v1.2 the v1.2CT demo is only restricted by the floor 15 maximum- That means every new addition and change from the full game is present in the demo this time. Like always, all previous full-game owners will be getting a free v1.2CT update link from me ASAP, so look for it within the next few days guys and thanks again!!

                                                     ; Weebish Mines by DXF Games, 2014


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