Neil Peart- Mission: The Camera Eye 

My RUSH tribute game, Released: 2008 



It's Dec. 31st, 2111 and RUSH have finally been asked to play at Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve! Everyone is excited that they are going to be playing their 1976 twenty minute epic "2112" in its entirety. But at the last second virtuoso drummer Neil Peart has a change of heart and wants to play "The Camera Eye" as a show of thanks for almost 200 years of support from the fans. Since RUSH have historically hated playing this song, this is a big deal.

Geddy Lee teleports Neil's drumset into the Icy Caves of Xanadu, never more shall they return! As a backup plan, Geddy and Alex have hired the mysterious Portnoybot 1000 to fill in for Neil on "2112" later. Geddy teleports Neil backstage until the show is over.. Only the evil Portnoybot 1000 has tampered with his teleportation device and Geddy has in fact sent Neil to Xanadu too!

Will Neil be able to rebuild his drumset and get back to New York in time for the show? Will Geddy and Alex remain in the grasp of the Portnoybot 1000? Will "The Camera Eye" ever be played live again? Find out in..

Neil Peart- Mission: The Camera Eye!


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