The Outlaw, The Drunk, & The Whore 

My ode to the Old West, Released: 2010 



You are an old-western outcast and get killed on your way to rob a stagecoach full of federal money. Then, you are brought before the devil who resurrects you and gives you another chance to steal that gold... or die again tryin'.

Journey through 8 different stages of the Old West a' stabbin' and a' lootin' all the live long day.


The game has a free 3 stage demo called.. EL DEMO (dun dun dunn!!)

and a full version with all the 'trimmins for cheap.


Download El Demo for free and try ODW out!

And after that, why not buy the full version for $5?



(c) 2012 David Fillion / Del_Duio