Weebish Mines 

The Metroidvania where you save your pets or turn to statues trying, Released: 2014 


Created with Multimedia Fusion 2 

About: This is my new Metroidvania game called.. (drumroll, suspense, and etc).. WEEBISH MINES. It's heavily inspired by my all-time favorite NES game Legacy of the Wizard. And just like that game, you'll probably end up hopelessly lost. But hey, that's half the fun so get going!

Somebody left the front door open and all your pets have escaped! Lost somewhere in the nearby mines, you must help a family of four set out in grand adventure style to try to rescue them and return to your cabin. Fight bears, robots, dragons, and ninjas along the way while collecting powerful special items like bombs, guns, emergency ladders, and magical swords to name just a few.


Visit the cabin at any time to switch characters from the pretend wizard daughter to the nunchuck-toting drummer dad. Purchase more items from Uncle Mike's shop. Make wishes at the wishing well. It's up to you! From Casa de Weeb to the Ancient City.. It's WEEBISH MINES TIME!

Download the 10 minute demo now for free!

*HEY* The updated 2017 version is coming soon, stay tuned!! *HEY*


(c) 2017 David Fillion / Del_Duio